ABout Us

Who We Are

We are a San Diego-based point-of-purchase display, retail store fixture, and merchandising solutions company. For over 30 years, we have been designing and manufacturing POP displays and store fixtures for more than 3500 customers around the world. Listed among the Top 50 POP display companies in the industry, we offer a unique line of ready-to-ship stock displays as well as custom design and manufacturing.

What We Do


Everything we do is focused on creating practical, cost-effective, and visually appealing in-store solutions that engage shoppers, drive sales, and build brand awareness. It starts with creating inspiring designs- designs that compel shoppers to take notice, designs that convert shoppers to customers. For just a few examples of our work, check out our Portfolio.


With more than 3 decades of manufacturing under our belt, we’ve learned a thing or two about how to make things- and how not to make things. We offer a blended manufacturing model with high-quality overseas manufacturing and an in-house domestic production facility. This combination enables us to offer our customers highly competitive pricing, short lead times, a full range of material capabilities, Made-in-the-USA solutions, and both small-run and large-run options. To learn more, see Our Capabilities.

Stock and Custom Solutions

Our line of stock POP displays and store fixtures is designed to meet a wide range of immediate merchandising needs and opportunities. Many of our stock displays can be configured with various accessories, and any of them can be customized with brand-specific graphics. Our stock displays can be purchased online by visiting our online store, by emailing us at sales@richltd.com, or by calling us at 800-325-5538.

We also offer custom POP display and store fixture solutions. Our experienced in-house design team and our sales/operations team can work with you to develop the right custom display program to meet your needs. To learn more, visit our Our Capabilities.

Global Logistics/Fulfillment

We provide a full set of post-production integrated transportation, logistics, and fulfillment services to support regional program implementations and national chainwide rollouts. Our operations team manages a variety of assembly/fulfillment programs, and our customer service department handles international shipments, domestic shipments to customer locations or distribution centers, and drop shipments.

Who We Serve

We work with brands and retailers across a broad range of industries. Many of the brands we work with are well established and nationally recognized. Others are newer, up-and-coming brands looking to sell through physical retail stores for the first time.

Some of our customers and end users are show below.

How We Stand Out

Inspired Design.

Our veteran in-house team of industrial designers has a lot do with the results we generate. It’s not just about designing visually appealing displays. It’s also about designing displays that are practical, functional, configurable, durable, and economically viable. Our team has designed thousands of POP displays covering the full gamut of product categories and retail environments, yet they continue to bring fresh ideas and a remarkable standard of excellence to every project.

Global Manufacturing.

Many POP display companies have overseas production capabilities. Some offer in-house domestic production. However, it is rare to find a company that has a well-honed, time-tested, blended manufacturing model with an extremely well developed overseas supply chain and production capabilities that are tightly coupled with in-house domestic production across all material categories. Our manufacturing capabilities are reliable, consistent, and trusted by our customers.

Experience that Matters.

Perhaps the most important way we differentiate ourselves from other industry participants is by the depth of our experience. We’ve been at this a long time. We’ve made our share of mistakes, and we’ve learned from them. We offer our customers the benefit of our experience. We leverage our experience on every project we undertake. Experience is more than an intangible. It’s very real. It’s the one thing that can make the difference between a wildly successful project and a moderately successful one, between generating a killer return on investment vs. an average return, and between creating a thriving brand with sustainable brand equity vs. a brand that has a short runway and gets snuffed out by the competition after a couple years.

Our Higher Purpose:
Message from the President

There is a striking parallel between the creative expression found in musical composition and the daily work we do in creating POP displays and merchandising solutions. The aim of both disciplines is to create a unique, moving, and memorable experience which holds the audience and speaks to the hearts and minds of each of us individually.

The music of Johan Sebastian Bach, one of the greatest composers of all time, carries a universal message of hope and faith which can touch anybody and which transcends culture, religion, and musical knowledge. At the end of each of his compositions, Bach appended the initials “SDG,” which stand for “Soli Deo Gloria,” or “To God Alone Be the Glory.” These initials signified Bach’s deep devotion and his genuine desire to serve God through music.

Several years ago, RICH LTD. adopted the signature line “Soli Deo Gloria” as an expression of our desire to achieve glory for God in all that we do as a business.  As President, I cannot think of a higher moral or ethical standard I can set for my employees than to act with character, integrity, compassion, and respect as we serve our customers, at all times behaving in a way that reflects God’s glory.  Likewise, there is no stronger statement I can make to our customers about the kind of company we are, what we value, and what they can expect from us.  Reduced to its core, “Soli Deo Gloria” is a statement of humility, for like Bach, we recognize that our considerable creative talents, our passion, and our inspired spirit of service are not anything for which we can take credit.  Rather, they are gifts from our Creator which are to be used to reflect His glory.

After more than 30 years in business, we recognize that we have been richly blessed- far more than we deserve.  We have an incredible team of dedicated professionals, over 3500 customers around the world, including many companies who are leaders in their industries, and all of whom have something to teach us.  We are fortunate to have an exceptional in-house design team, as well as high-quality overseas manufacturing and domestic production capabilities, which together have contributed to our consistent record of creating value for our customers.

We are tremendously grateful to our loyal customers who have supported us over the years, and we look forward to the privilege of serving our current and prospective customers in the years to come.

Jim Hollen
Soli Deo Gloria