Our manufacturing capabilities encompass a wide range of materials, including:

Metal tube

Sheet metal


Solid Wood (many species), plywood, and wood composite materials such as MDF




Vacuum formed and injection molded plastic



Bonded metal


Solid Surface


LED lighting

Digital Media Players

Aside from deciding on the right type of type of merchandising display, determining the optimal material choice is another important decision to be made early in the design process. The right retail merchandising display material choice encompasses many considerations such as cost, durability, fit with your brand image, functionality and performance, aesthetics, production quantities, material yield, shipping economics, availability, project timing, and environmental impact.

Metal tubing, sheet metal, and wire are popular choices for retail displays,

particularly when strength, durability, flexibility, and affordability are important considerations. Our team has decades of metal design, engineering, and fabrication experience which we leverage to help our customers make the right metal material choices for each display project.

Plastic is also used extensively in the display industry. Acrylic fabrication is one of our core fabrication specialties. Acrylic is among the most commonly used materials in retail merchandising since it is available in many colors including clear which enables complete product visibility. Other plastic applications such as injection molded plastic and vacuum formed plastic are also widely used in the POP display industry.

Injection molded and vacuum formed plastic can be used to make shapes that are not possible with acrylic; however, both require molds and therefore can be less attractive for lower quantity display projects.

Wood and wood composite materials like MDF are another staple material in the retail display industry.

Wood is a tremendously versatile material and has many of the same advantages as metal, with the additional benefit of being natural. With a robust in-house millwork shop, skilled millwork craftsmen, and a wood engineering team, we offer our customers wood manufacturing expertise and experience that is difficult to match in the POP display industry.

The majority of custom POP displays we manufacture include more than 1 material

which we often combine in creative ways to enhance the visual appeal, reduce the cost, or improve the functionality of a display. Whenever possible, we try to use eco-friendly custom retail merchandising display materials like bamboo to improve the sustainability of the display.

We understand how important finishes are both aesthetically and from a durability standpoint. We typically use standard or PMS-matched custom powder coated finishes on metal, including scratch-resistant powder coated finishes and clear coating. We generally offer a choice of matte, glossy, or semi-glossy powder coated finishes. For some metal parts we use plating finishes such as chrome plating or zinc plating. We produce most aluminum parts with an anodized finish.

For wood displays and components, we offer numerous finishes, including a wide range of melamine finishes, high-pressure laminates, sealed/clear coat finishes, stained and color wash finishes (such as golden oak, walnut, cherry, grey wash, white wash, and many more), painted finishes, distressed finishes, and torched finishes.