Hotel, Resort, and Hospitality Retail

Our in-house industrial design, engineering, and production teams work closely with our clients to create highly customized retail environments that offer unique and memorable shopping experiences.

From cash wraps with solid surface countertops, matching back wraps, configurable wall systems, display platforms, and nesting tables to built-in shelving units with LED lighting, concrete merchandising tables, custom cabinetry, glass jewelry cases, encased digital media players, custom graphics and signs, décor items, and free-standing fixtures, we can design and fabricate virtually any retail fixture imaginable.

Our capabilities span a broad range of materials, including wood, metal, acrylic, glass, vacuum- formed and injection molded plastic, as well as related décor items such as infinity mirrors and LED lighting. Our blended model of in-house domestic production and overseas manufacturing capabilities enables us to provide our clients with a complete solution at affordable prices. Although the types of fixtures and materials vary from store to store, what remains constant is our furniture-quality craftsmanship and uncompromising commitment to excellence.

Our design team is mindful of the fact that shopping behavior in the world of hotel, resort, and hospitality retail is driven primarily by impulse purchases rather than destination purchases as are common in other retail venues. Capturing impulse sales means maximizing the visual appeal of every fixture, ensuring fixtures are easy to shop and products are accessible, and being thoughtful about store flow and planogramming.

We offer a wide range of finishes, including natural wood clear coated finishes, customized stain finishes, PMS-matched painted finishes, and a variety of metal finishes such as powder coating, chrome plating, brushed aluminum, satin, and zinc-plated finishes.

Creating the right retail vibe and an environment of luxury for shoppers starts with the design and execution of individual fixtures. Our relentless focus on attention to detail and execution of every aspect of fixture design and fabrication is critically important in our goal to enhance brand images and surpass client expectations. The locking pull-out glass case we fabricated is an example of how one fixture can contribute to creating a luxury shopping experience.

Matching finishes help to create cohesiveness within any retail environment. We created multiple custom cabinets with finishes that matched the pull-out glass case.

Our retail solutions for the hotel, resort, and hospitality industry are turnkey and include all aspects of store development- from design and engineering to fabrication, logistics management, and installation.