POP Display Concepts for the Wine & Spirits Industry

POP Display Concepts for the Wine & Spirits Industry

The wine & spirits industry is, by nature, very promotionally driven. Impulse governs much of the behavior of consumers in the adult beverage space so creating a POP display that triggers an on-the-spot purchase decision is important.  At the same time, creating cost-effective wine display racks is essential, since most displays are only in stores for a limited period of time so keeping the display cost relatively low is important to generating a positive return on investment. In today’s blog, we’ll review 10 POP display concepts we designed which we hope will serve as creative inspiration for your next POP display project.


1. 4 Orange Premium Vodka– This innovative spirit is exclusively distilled from four distinct varieties of Florida oranges at Florida’s first registered distillery. Our objective was to design a unique, affordable, and natural floor display to merchandise a case of 750ml bottles. Our design was constructed from solid pine wood with a golden oak stain. The 1-sided, 1-shelf display shown below was intended to create a crate-like feel with strong branding on the front, header and sides.

4 Orange Vodka POP Display

4 Orange Vodka POP Display


2. Argento Premium Argentine Wine– We designed the modular floor display shown below for Bodega Argento, a premium wine from the famous Mendoza winegrowing region which produces more than 80% of Argentina’s premium wines. The main design objective of this display was to create a modular unit using shipping crates that could be used to ship the wine and also serve as the core components of the display. Each crate was designed to hold a case of Argento.


A tower POP display for Argento wine.

The second image below shows the basic shipping crate with the top. The crates were designed to be constructed of solid pine with 1-color screen printed graphics. The floor display was designed to include three modular crates plus a removable header. We also created a modular product glorifier that could be used on one or more modules to enable customers to see a front-facing view of the bottle. A single crate with the header could also serve as a counter display.

This is an example of the type of display box used by Argento Wine

Argento Wine box


3. Diageo Jose Cuervo and Smirnoff– We designed a 3-sided floor display to merchandise 3 different Diageo brands. Each side of the display was designed to hold 2 cases of individual bottles. The Jose Cuervo and Smirnoff sides are shown below. We designed the display with a black MDF base and sheet metal structure with 4 levels of rounded shelves and a 3-sided header with interchangeable graphics.

This is a tower POP Display from Jose Cuervo

Jose Cuervo Tower POP Display

This is an example of a tower POP display from Smirnoff

Smirnoff Tower POP Display


4. Moet Hennessy Champagne– We created the simple 2-sided display shown below to hold 4 cases of Moet Hennessy’s champagne. This 6-shelf display was constructed of black MDF with side graphics and a gold foil back panel accent.

This is a tower display from Moet

Moet POP Display

5. Rancho Escondido Agave Spirit– Martinez Brands’ Rancho Escondido Agave Spirit is the number one selling spirit in Mexico. This award-winning spirit sells more cases in Mexico than the top three tequila brands. We designed a very simple, knock-down, 1-sided, 4-shelf floor display made of solid wood to hold 2 cases of 750ml bottles. We added die-cut digitally printed PVC side and header signs to reinforce the spirit’s strong brand image.

Agave Spirits peering out from the heights of this well-branded POP display

Rancho Escondido Agave Spirit POP Display

6. Samuel Adams Infinium- Sam Adams created a unique champagne-like specialty craft beer with fine bubbles and a fruity, spicy aroma. We designed a 5-shelf knock-down display with a metal tube frame and angled shelves. We added a 3-bottle glorifier deck and removable side and header digitally printed PVC graphics.

Sam Adams built this POP display to showcase their new product Infinium

Samuel Adams Infinium POP Display

7. Patron Spirits– Patron is the number one ultra-premium brand of tequila in the world. We designed the podium display shown below to showcase 6 bottles of Patron. We designed this as an MDF box wrapped in vinyl graphics with a glossy white top and a removable PVC header graphic.

Bright green display for showcasing Patron Spirits

POP Display for Patron Spirits

8. Stack Wine– Stack Wine makes it easy to take wine with you by offering a pack of 4 individual servings of California wine in a glass container. The company asked RICH LTD. to design a metal floor display that would enable them to hang their 4-packs. We created a 3-tier metal tube display with 9 hanging loops to hold a total of 36 4-packs. The wine display rack featured a die-cut PVC header sign and side signs to promote the brand.

This purple monster was created for Stack Wine to show off their 4-packs

Stack Wine POP Display

9. Economy Wine Display– We designed the economy wire wine display to hold 4 cases of wine. The main body of this knock-down wire display holds 44 bottles. We added a 4-bottle angled glorifier and a channel for a removable header sign. This type of display is a good choice for a tight budget.

This wire-frame economy wine display can hold 48 bottles of wine

Economy Wine Display

10. Economy Wine Display– Our last example is another economy wine display that holds 2 cases plus an angled 4-case glorifier. The display was designed with a sheet metal frame and wire wine holders. The header sign could be screen printed sheet metal or digitally printed PVC. Like the previous example, this display was intended to be simple and affordable.

This silver brushed wire display can hold 28 bottles of wine.

Silver Wine Display