Knesko Skin

We worked with Knesko Skin to create a complete family of skincare stands to merchandise its line of luxury skincare products in upscale spas, salons, department stores, and other retailers. We started with a mobile collagen mask bar cart which was designed to drive poolside sales at resorts while building the Knesko Skin brand. We then developed a series of flexible and configurable countertop displays that included a large collagen mask bar display, a smaller version that had a more limited product assortment, a library-style display that featured a smaller footprint than the large collagen mask bar display, a number of tiered displays with more limited products for smaller spas and salons, and a gemstone roller display to showcase the company’s line of beautiful gemstone rollers. All of the counter displays were constructed of acrylic with screen-printed graphics. Several of the roller displays included a clear acrylic product sleeve with interchangeable graphics.

Romo Counter Display

In designing the display, we needed to create a secure environment in which ROMO could move around, make facial expressions, and show off his personality. We created an outer space theme that required a unique combination of art and engineering. The display featured a folded acrylic frame, a blow molded acrylic dome, an airbrushed latex moonscape, a 7″ digital media player, LED lighting, fully integrated electronics to support a live ROMO robot, and digitally printed graphics that focused on the unique messaging of the ROMO brand.
We filmed a video showing how ROMO helped us build his own POP display. The ROMO counter display unit was initially rolled out to 220 Brookstone stores and generated sales that exceeded expectations.

Zodiac Counter Display

Zodiac is a leading manufacturer of automatic pool cleaners and swimming pool accessories. The company asked us to design a counter glorifier display for its Jandy Pro Series variable speed pool pump. We designed an MDF base and back panel. We mounted the Jandy pump to the base and added installation and service graphics to the front angled portion of the base.

We created an interchangeable PVC back panel sign with educational graphics and included 2 small wire brochure holders for product literature.

Vessel Counter Display

Vessel, a manufacturer of high-end vape pens, batteries, portable cases, stands and related products, asked us to make a premium counter display to showcase their products. We constructed the display out of solid wood and used a walnut stain for the finish. We created a removable framed wood header with an interchangeable PVC graphic.

We built the product platform out of white acrylic which helped the products pop. We made clear acrylic cradles to hold the products and added a clear acrylic case with a printed logo to secure the merchandise while communicating high value.

Swannies Floor Display

We manufactured this Swannies apparel 4-way display stand based on some modifications we made to our 4-WAY-EXT stock display. We share this example in part to illustrate how easy it is to create a custom display by modifying one of our stock golf shop displays. Swannies is a young brand that makes golf apparel for on and off the golf course. The company asked us to create a highly configurable 4-way display stand with a small footprint so it could be placed in golf shops and configured to work with various product mixes.

We used our stock 4-WAY-EXT slotted metal frame with white powder coated accessories that we offer as stock items such as straightouts and cap pockets. We added custom sheet metal shelves and created a custom dimensional wood header with an interchangeable PVC sign and matching wood base.

Klutz Floor Display

We designed this playful spinning children’s book display for Klutz and have shipped thousands around the world. We made the base and slotted frame out of metal tubing and added a vacuum formed base cover.

We designed plastic injection molded shelves with an embossed Klutz logo on the shelf lip and produced the shelves in a PMS-matched purple. We made injection molded plastic wedges that could be inserted into the shelves to keep the books organized at the lower shelf inventory levels.

We added a sheet metal header ring to which we attached 4 digitally printed PVC logo signs. The rotating book display shipped knock-down and featured easy assembly.

Ravage Fireplace

It is a bit unusual to see a fireplace in the middle of a grocery store, but that was part of the point when we designed this unique merchandiser for Constellation Brands’ Ravage wine. Ravage competes in the crowded Cabernet Sauvignon market and was looking for an attention-grabbing display to help the brand stand out at retail.

We designed this fireplace and constructed it out of MDF. We made extensive use of our CNC machines to cut the architectural elements which were important in creating a fireplace that looked authentic. We laser cut and screen printed the sheet metal logo and brand badges which we attached to both sides of the fireplace. This display served as the focal point for the brand with cases of Ravage wine stacked around it.

Constellation Brands Woodbridge Staircase

We designed this partial staircase display for Constellation Brands’ popular Woodbridge label. The idea was to bring Woodbridge wine into the home and surround it with things in the home which are familiar and cherished. We built a real staircase out of MDF, solid wood balusters, and walnut-stained pine handrail and accents. We mounted picture frames and a framed logo to the staircase. Cases of Woodbridge wine were stacked around the staircase in grocery stores to complete the display.

Moet Hennessey Dom Perignon Displays

MOET HENNESSY USA is the leading importer and marketer of luxury wines, spirits, and champagnes in the USA. We had an opportunity to design and manufacture a shelf display and a freestanding floor display for Dom Perignon, a vintage champagne and one of the company’s most prestigious and renowned brands.

We created a modular sheet metal shelf glorifier serving as Moet Hennessy’s display case. Each glorifier was designed to be used independently or as a set of 3 representing different varieties. Each module fits a single glorifier bottle and 1 boxed bottle. We laser cut the logo on the front lip and backlit the acrylic panel with LED lighting. We built in a motion detector and powdered the lights with a battery pack that resided in the base of the unit.

We also designed a locking floor display that featured MDF construction, a tempered glass door with inside shelving, an acrylic glorifier top with direct printed graphics, LED lighting under the base and beneath the mounted glorifier bottle, a motion detector, and a rechargeable battery pack.

Side by Side Pet Floor Display

Side by Side Pet makes a line of all-natural healing pet food in small batches using whole foods and an Eastern Food Therapy philosophy for personalized pet nutrition. We had an opportunity to design and manufacture a floor display for the company’s first major retail launch into Petco stores around the country.

We designed a 2-sided display using MDF with a white melamine finish. We included shelves for larger bags of dog food and slotted panels to accommodate hooks for a variety of hanging products.

We featured a large graphic explaining the Eastern Food Therapy philosophy, and we printed color-coded vinyl graphics that made it easy to identify warming, cooling, and neutral products. We co-branded the fixture with Side by Side and Petco logos and direct printed the company’s messaging on the sides of the display.

Sugarfina Architectural Wall

Sugarfina is a luxury candy boutique and purveyor of high-quality artisan candies made by small-batch candy makers around the world. We had an opportunity to design and manufacture the company’s signature architectural entrance display wall for a number of its high-profile retail shops. We designed a “scalloped” signature wall made using MDF with a high-gloss white painted finish. The wall was constructed of smaller pieces that fit together like a large jigsaw puzzle. This enabled us to ship the walls all over the U.S. in a relatively small box for installation by the onsite general contractor.

Hotel Del Coronado Retail Fixtures and Cabinetry

Just across the bay from San Diego, the iconic Hotel Del Coronado is an historic beachfront hotel in the city of Coronado. Built in 1888 and beautifully appointed with Victorian wooden architecture, Hotel Del is the second largest wooden structure in the United States.

As a part of a major retail renovation, we had an opportunity to build over 60 high-end retail fixtures, including a wide range of cabinetry, encased tempered glass fixtures, built-in shelving units with embedded LED lighting, cash wraps, metal display stands, solid surface counters, floating shelves, and even hanging rope shelves. We constructed the cabinets using MDF with rift cut oak veneer and a scratch-resistant finish.