Retail Store Buildouts

Courtesy of Vuori

Our custom work includes retail store merchandising buildouts for leading brands like Vuori, a California lifestyle and performance apparel brand that is rapidly expanding its retail footprint. We work hand-in-hand with the Vuori team to design, engineer, manufacture and install numerous store fixtures and store décor items. The company’s explosive growth requires supply chain partners who are nimble, flexible, and committed to excellence. RICH LTD. is excited to partner with Vuori by leveraging our domestic and overseas production capabilities to help the company execute its retail store expansion vision.

Our work includes a wide range of ADA-compliant cash wraps and back wraps with MDF/birch plywood construction, post-formed laminate or solid surface countertops, fluted pine rails, inside cabinets, and a 3D laser-cut acrylic logo. As an example, we created a simple wall-mounted depiction of the Rocky Mountains for the Boulder, Colorado store which served as a backdrop for the cash wrap.

Courtesy of Vuori

Wall merchandising systems are also an important part of the Vuori stores we help to build. The picture below shows a standard Vuori MDF wall with a grey laminate finish. The wall has a threaded puck system that accepts faceouts, shelf supports, and brackets to hold crossbars for hanging apparel items. It is flexible and highly configurable. To the right of the grey wall are birch walls which feature thin embedded shelf standards that also work with faceouts, apparel bars and shelf brackets to hold birch plywood shelves.

Courtesy of Vuori

Merchandising tables and platforms of various heights are all part of Vuori’s simple and straightforward merchandising strategy.

Accessory fixtures are also part of the store fixture set. This fixture features simple metal tube construction, a concrete base inlay, MDF shelves with a finish to match the base, crossbars with adjustable hooks, and top mirrors and graphics.

The Vuori fit bar shown below has the same aesthetic as the cash wrap and features MDF construction, a solid surface top, fluted pine rails, a magnetic-latched cabinet, pull-out drawers, and a hang bar. We manufacture a variety of complementary fixtures such as padded benches and concrete/fiberglass tables.

In addition to standard 3D laser-cut acrylic logos, we make different types of store décor, such as the acrylic wall-mounted “The Rise The Shine” décor piece.

Courtesy of Vuori

C-Store Master Convenience Store Distributor Shopping Experience

Our retail store buildout work spans multiple industries and business models. For example, we designed, manufactured, and installed numerous convenience store fixtures that helped create a compelling shopping experience for C-Store Master, a leading national convenience store distributor. The retail space was positioned at the front end of a highly automated warehouse that utilized more than 70 robots.

We built out the product showcase area which utilized high-capacity, LED-illuminated display cases to display more than 3,000 fast-moving products in beverage, tobacco, and numerous other convenience store product categories. We manufactured the display cases out of MDF with a wood melamine finish, white cabinet liner interiors, and glass doors and shelves.

While beverage and tobacco are C-Store Master’s biggest categories, the display cases were also used for a variety of other products, including personal care products and eyewear.

In addition, we made narrow endcap display cases to take advantage of the merchandising opportunities at the end of each row.

Similarly, we added slatwall panels on the ends of the open shelving rows to create additional merchandising opportunities to display hanging items.

We also built a checkout area that included left and right checkout counters with long metal countertops.