Types of Custom Displays

We can design any type of custom POP display, including custom floor displays, counter displays, endcap displays, wall displays, inline displays, window displays, hanging displays, power wings, glorifier displays, permanent displays, semi-permanent displays, temporary displays, and in-store branding and signage. We make various types of merchandising displays using many different types of materials.

Our custom designs frequently include slatwall displays, pegboard displays, slatgrid displays, shelf displays, hook displays, basket displays, and many configurable types of display shelf that incorporate display accessories and components such as waterfalls, straightouts, jetrails, cap pockets, baskets, hooks, and more.

We have designed custom POP displays for almost every product imaginable- from food and beverage displays, skincare and cosmetics displays, apparel displays, home security system displays, sunglass displays, pet product displays, home improvement product displays, sporting goods displays, and hundreds of other types of product displays.

Our custom displays have also incorporated spinning capabilities, LED lighting, digital media players, motion sensors, tethers, anti-theft features, casters, and locking cabinets. Our custom designs for these different types of sales display often include knock-down construction, but we design some custom fixtures to ship fully assembled.

Selecting the right types of merchandising displays is a critically important determinant of the ultimate success of your POP display program. Temporary displays such as corrugated floor displays or corrugated shippers are generally a good choice for in-and-outs programs or promotional merchandising opportunities whereby the display is discarded after the product sells out. If you are more interested in just creating brand awareness, then instore signage, logo blocks, ceiling danglers, floor graphics, and other branded merchandising elements could be a good choice.

Some of our customers are primarily interested in educating customers about their product. In that case, a product glorifier might be the way to go. Product glorifiers typically showcase a single product and are usually accompanied by explanatory or educational graphics aimed at familiarizing customers with the product on display.

Many established products get incorporated into a retailer’s planogram and end up being placed inline.

Inline placement can be advantageous, but it often makes it more difficult to stand out and catch a shopper’s attention. Product risers, aisle interrupters, and inline signage are just a few examples of ways to help get your product noticed when it is placed inline.

Endcap displays generally perform better than inline displays because they benefit from higher traffic, and they usually allow for more customization and merchandising flexibility.

Permanent freestanding POP displays are often the most effective way to merchandise products since they are easier for customers to notice.

There are many types of freestanding displays such as shelf displays, slatwall displays, metal gridwall displays, counter displays, and many more. Each option typically has pros and cons, and many options can be eliminated based on the type of product, product packaging, and what a particular retailer will allow.

Our seasoned team of retail display professionals is available to provide you a retail display guide that will walk you through the process of selecting the right type of display. If you are looking for help, contact us for a free consultation.