Maximize Sales and Build your Brand with our Custom and Stock POP Displays.

We invite you to explore our online store where you will find highly practical & affordable POP displays to merchandise a wide range of products in almost any type of retail environment. Our stock retail displays are available to be purchased online or by contacting our customer service department at 800-325-5538 or

Also, be sure to check out our Custom POP Display Portfolio. From simple point of purchase displays to high-end millwork and cabinetry, we offer an expansive set of retail solutions. Just let us know if you would like to discuss a custom POP display or store fixture, and we will make one of our team members available.

RICH LTD. is your one-stop shop for custom and stock retail POP displays and merchandising solutions. We offer:

  • World Class Retail Display
  • Proven Domestic and Overseas
    Manufacturing Capabilities
  • Over 30 Years of Experience in Delivering Retail Display Programs that Generate Exceptional Returns on Investment

Industries We Serve

Our work spans a broad range of industries, including:

The Company We Keep

With over 3500 customers, we serve a mix of large nationally recognized brands and retailers to smaller emerging brands and regional retailers. Representative customers and end users include:

The Right Mix of Solutions at the Right Time, Every Time

Our team of industrial designers, engineers, graphic artists, production craftsmen, printing specialists, operations/project managers, customer service, and shipping/logistics experts are here to work with you to ensure your project achieves the best possible results.

Stock Displays Ready to Ship

If you need an immediate merchandising solution or if your quantities are too small to justify a custom display, consider one of our stock POP displays. From configurable apparel displays to multi-product merchandisers and wood shelf displays, our unique line of stock displays is designed to meet a broad range of merchandising needs in almost any retail environment. Any of our stock displays can be customized to help build your brand.

In-House Custom Design

If you are interested in a custom POP display, our talented and highly experienced in-house design team is here to work with you to develop the right retail display to meet your needs. Leveraging a mix of European, American, and Asian influenced design styles, our team utilizes 3D Modeling, CAD, and SolidWorks to maximize the manufacturability and merchandising effectiveness of every display, while ensuring we meet our customer’s budget, timing, and quality objectives.

Blended Domestic and Overseas Manufacturing

Our proven global manufacturing model blends the capabilities of our in-house domestic production facility in Oceanside, CA with our sophisticated international supply chain comprised of a cooperative network of more than 20 factories in Asia and Mexico. Our overseas production is managed by our office in Shenzhen, China.
Our collective manufacturing capacity is significant, and our approach enables us to take advantage of best-of-class manufacturing capabilities across all essential material and component categories such as metal, wood, acrylic, PVC, injection molded and vacuum-formed plastic, corrugated, graphics, LED lighting, digital media players, and more.
Our blended manufacturing model benefits our customers through shorter lead times, lower costs, superior quality, and flexibility vis-à-vis Made in the USA or international production options.

Global Shipping/Logistics

We offer a complete set of post-production services including assembly, fulfillment, warehousing, inventory management, drop shipping, and global transportation/logistics. We ship all over the world and understand the importance of cost-effective and timely shipments in ensuring the success of merchandising programs.

Program Management

We work collaboratively with our customers from the beginning of a POP display project through implementation to ensure optimal results. We are flexible, easy to work with, entrepreneurial, and 100% committed to our customers’ success.
Our 4-step custom program management process encompasses design, prototyping, production, and transportation/logistics. Throughout every stage of the process, we remain mindful that we are here to serve our customers, at all times putting our customers’ needs ahead of our own.

Industry Knowledge, Expertise, and Experience that Matters

After more than 30 years in the business and thousands of projects under our belt, our knowledge of the POP display industry is both broad and deep. Our rich expertise and experience set us apart from others in the industry while helping to achieve impactful and measurable results for our customers.


To discuss a current or upcoming POP display or retail store fixture program.


We can design almost any type of custom display you can imagine, including permanent, semi-permanent, and temporary displays for all categories of retail- from mass market to grocery to specialty retailers. With over 250,000 successful U.S. retail placements of our custom-designed POP displays, we have the experience and capabilities to help you create and implement a winning custom POP display program. With a wide range of materials and manufacturing capabilities at our disposal, we can design a POP display to meet your sales, branding, and budget objectives.


In addition to our custom merchandising solutions, we offer a full line of unique, innovative, and design-oriented stock point-of-purchase displays, including slatwall displays, slatgrid displays, floor shelf displays, sunglass racks, cap displays, bamboo displays, apparel displays, t shirt displays, counter and floor hook displays, footwear displays, table top displays, multi-product merchandisers, logo blocks, and more.


As part of our stock display program, we offer a full line of sunglass displays and eyewear fixtures. These range from our higher-end signature LINK Series of floor displays and tabletop eyewear displays to numerous wire and sheet metal sunglass displays that comprise our line of economy sunglass displays. With respect to capacity, our sunglass racks hold as few as 6 pairs of sunglasses on the low end to as many as 120 glasses on the high end. We offer many other options that hold 12, 36, 54, 72, 96, and 120 glasses. Most of our sunglass displays offer a compact footprint and are designed to spin which makes them suitable for a wide range of retail environments. Most of them also feature a knock-down design with easy assembly which makes them economical for shipping and storage.


Our slatwall displays are among our most popular fixtures in our line of stock displays. We offer a 2-sided mobile slatwall display which features knock-down construction, aluminum slat inserts, MDF panels with a variety of color choices, and casters. We also offer a number of accessories for our slatwall units, including hooks, an acrylic sign holder, shelves, an apparel hanging bar, flag signs, and waterfall arms. In addition, we offer a variety of wire slatgrid displays that can utilize the same accessories as our slatwall displays.

Helpful Resources

We invite you to take advantage of the numerous resources we make available to help educate and inspire you toward more effective and prosperous merchandising. Our line of stock displays features a variety of display types that work with many different kinds of products. A visit to our online store might spark some ideas to help you get started.

For more creative ideas, check out our custom Portfolio where you’ll find more than 30 examples of our custom POP displays complete with pictures and descriptions.

If you are looking for a good primer on POP displays and how to create a successful merchandising program, consider downloading our e-Book entitled        “The Last Lecture on Point of Purchase Displays.” Shortly before his death in 2007, Carnegie Mellon professor Randy Pausch delivered a final address to his students which was famously entitled “The Last Lecture.” In writing this e-Book, we challenged ourselves with the following question: If we were to give a last lecture on how to create a successful POP display and in-store marketing program, what are the 20 things that matter most?

Finally, in an effort to continue to be a thought leader in our industry we have published more than 350 blogs on wide-ranging topics that we think can be helpful to our customers in developing successful POP display programs. Some blogs offer design inspiration such as our 4-part series entitled “Your Slatwall Display Doesn’t Have to be Boring” or “10 Food and Beverage Displays that Maximize Sales and Build Brands.” Other blogs are more educational and focus on important topics like economics such as our blog entitled “POP Displays: 10 Strategies to Reduce Costs.” To access any of our blogs, visit where you can also sign up to have our blogs emailed to you.