Custom Capabilities


RICH LTD. is your one-stop provider for high value, high return custom and ready ship retail display solutions.

RICH LTD.’s diverse portfolio represents thought leadership, innovation, value and tier one expertise.

If you are looking for a custom retail display, you’ve come to the right place. In addition to our unique line of stock POP displays, we have been designing and manufacturing custom retail displays for over 30 years. Our in-house team of industrial designers and engineers has designed thousands of POP displays for almost every retail environment you can imagine as well as a broad set of industries, including food and beverage, consumer electronics, health and beauty, apparel, pet supplies, toys, automotive, home improvement, entertainment, and many more. Our customers include leading brands and manufacturers as well as retailers across virtually every category of retail.

With every custom retail display, our goal is to maximize sales, help to build your brand, and to provide the highest return on investment possible. Our focus on every store fixture project is to provide extraordinary value and help our clients achieve success.

In addition to our in-house design capabilities, we offer a blended manufacturing model which leverages our in-house millwork and graphics operation, our extensive overseas manufacturing capabilities, and our logistics and post-production capabilities. Our expertise spans a broad range of material categories, including solid wood and wood composite materials such as MDF, bamboo, metal (tube, wire sheet metal), acrylic, injection molded and vacuum formed plastic, corrugated, glass aluminum, PVC, and many other types of materials.

In addition, we have extensive printing capabilities, including digital printing, offset printing, screen printing, and laser engraving. We also have strong capabilities in manufacturing displays that incorporate digital media players, LED lighting, and laser-cut dimensional lettering.

Our talented design team, our skilled craftsmen, our project management experience, our multi-level quality assurance approach, our competitive pricing, and our team of domestic and overseas experts are here to ensure that every custom retail display project we take on will be produced with excellence and with a strong results orientation.


Why Choose RICH LTD?

Our focus is World Class Retail Display design based on client expertise, translating client knowledge into programs that deliver high ROI in the retail environment.It’s easy to design attractive, consumer-centric displays. It takes real design experience to translate a design idea into a highly differentiated and efficiently manufactured fixture. Our in-house design team consists of European, American, and Asian influenced design styles. Our 3D Modeling, CAD and SolidWorks capabilities provide us with the tools to maximize the merchandising effectiveness of every display, while ensuring we meet our customer’s budget, timing and quality objectives.

Distinctly different, RICH LTD. takes pride in a successful retail display program management philosophy that puts the client first at every stage. Our four stage program encompasses– • Design • Prototype Production • Manufacturing (domestic and foreign) • Delivery and Logistics

After 25 years in the business and more than 4000 projects, The RICH LTD. team has the experience needed to help our clients stay relevant and fresh in the retail marketplace through the use of time-tested display construction methods and integration of the latest technologies that consumers understand.

At RICH LTD we pride ourselves on our ability to work together. Our team includes woodworking engineers, industrial designers, graphic artists, and logistics experts. Research and development is at the heart of what we do best. Our team focuses on: • Innovation • Best ROI for the client • Design for Manufacturability

RICH LTD. has multiple locations worldwide with manufacturing capabilities in China, Vietnam, the U.S., and Mexico. This global blended manufacturing model helps us manage product development, production, and global logistics efficiently. Our clients benefit from reduced lead times, better communication, nearly limitless material options and unparalleled flexibility when it comes to meeting expectations on time and on budget.

• Design • Prototype Production • Manufacturing (domestic and foreign) • Delivery and Logistics